About Us

Bring Beauty with Nature

Our Story

The Skin Co is founded with an aim to provide our patrons the skin care their body demands. Our team works to refine the life and health of your skin. We bring you close to nature with its natural formula to improve your skincare regime. The motivation that drives us to create The Skin Co. products is to create change in the life of people by guiding nature toward your life. All the products we create are 100% natural and skin-friendly to make you look beautiful and bring back the charm you need.

Our Team

The Skin Co is a subsidiary branch of Vamar Ventures which is headquartered in New Delhi, India. Our team works to deliver the best as we believe in not buying but earning customers by creating a difference. We focus on handover the finest range of luxury skincare products to our buyers. Be close to nature with The Skin Co products.

Our Mission

The Skin Co. is built on the pillar of providing the best to its customer and keeping them close to the goodness of nature. Here at The Skin Co we create natural and skin-friendly products with zero chemicals. We searched thoroughly and succeeded in finding the magic mantra of nature of being forever fresh and beautiful. Being close to nature is the best gift one can get in life. The Skin Co works with the aim to give you that gift of nature to revive your skin and body. We create 100% natural products with the goodness of nature. Each and every product is formulated with 100% natural ingredients and is skin-friendly; no chemical is used to create the products. We design each and every product to give your skin and body the nourishment it needs and that is all with natural products. Our team strives to work day and night to bring you close to nature and provide you the health and safety.